Roland Gonzalez, Chairman & CEO

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With nearly 30 years consulting, reorganizing and building businesses across multiple industries, Roland is exactly who Dwellings was looking for to lead the company and our clients into the future. His extensive background in service operations and fresh insights on an old industry are tearing down walls and silos and redefining property management. Driven by family, community and the importance of relationships, he’s on a mission to replace transactions with personal experiences. “El Presidente” as we like to tease him, has spent most of his career leading projects all over the planet. He speaks multiple languages and loves exploring the world and new cultures with his family. They have moved multiple times for long-term overseas assignments, and he uniquely knows what it means and takes to manage a property long distance. He has a lot of great stories and experiences we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

Charlene headshot

Charlene Anderson, COO and Designated Broker

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Charlene has been the glue, holding Dwellings together from our earliest days. Her long and rich corporate history and experience have been crucial to Dwellings’ survival and growth. Charlene is not only an expert in Human Resources and Corporate Operations, she’s a Licensed Broker with a creative passion – a very unique and special combination of skills. We affectionately call her “SheGyver”, as she’s always coming up with solutions and ideas that inspire us all. We’ve learned never to be surprised by her latest projects, whether it be making amazing jewelry, remodeling RVs, or healing the world with natural remedies. You may spot her at the office or chilling around town with her dog Nia.

Sean Stymeist

Sean Stymeist, Director of Maintenance

T: 206.482.8662 | E:

A stickler for detail, and a proven customer service advocate, Sean brings to Dwellings years of experience trouble shooting problems and seizing opportunities to continuously improve. His communications, organizational skills and intimate knowledge of homes is unparalleled in our industry. Sean has been at the heart of our transformation from the typical reactive property management firm to an industry leader in preventive maintenance. Owners have come to trust him as he works tirelessly to protect their most precious investment, and tenants have come to love him as their champion for safe and healthy living.

Ty Halley

Ty Halley, Maintenance Coordinator

T: 360.742.2534 | E:

A qualified General Contractor and Journeyman Plumber, Ty is no stranger to Maintenance, Repairs, and Customer Service. With over 20 years’ experience in the field, he’s an expert maintenance troubleshooter and is passionate about ensuring the best possible results for tenants and owners alike. A creative soul, Ty is a talented musician, and loves writing short stories and independent movie scripts. Like many Pacific Northwesterner’s, Ty is a Cynophile (dog-lover), and has trained Australian Cattle dogs, and rescued Blue Healers while living in Eastern Washington. When Ty has a free moment, he enjoys spending time with his two Chiweenies, Tennie and Ava.

Rebecca Zielinski

Rebecca Zielinski, Utilities Coordinator

T: 206.234.2857 | E:

Rebecca lights up our office every time she comes in, and nothing ever seems to get to her. Rock steady and laser-focused, she is a master at negotiating the complicated and often difficult world of utilities management. Expertly overseeing the transitional elements of utilities is one of Rebecca’s specialties. Working directly both with owners and tenants, she ensures proper utility account setup at move-ins and move-outs, as well as juggling utilities transitions between tenants. Rebecca’s Zen is very helpful in maneuvering the tangled webs of utility service, and offers assurance during those transitional phases for your most valuable investment.

Marisa Quinn

Marisa Quinn, Placement Manager

T: 206.399.2275 | E:

A first generation Italian, born and raised in Boston, Marisa comes to Dwellings with a strong work ethic and deep family values. With over 17 years in the industry and in sales, she is an expert matchmaker bringing homes and families together. She has an insane track record of successfully placing quality tenants that take care of their homes, pay their rent on time, and become excellent neighbors. She can typically make a match within 1-2 weeks and have a move-in by the 1st of the following month. Vacancies are short lived with Marisa out in the field. Most importantly, with her on the team, Dwellings has a zero record of evictions and collections, with less than 1% of rents being late over the course of the year (and just by a few days).