Where Will You Hang Your Birdhouse?

For many of us, home is our family and loved ones, and they go where we go. For others, it’s the sanctuary we erect, wherever our lives and careers take us. For us, our rental is no less sacred or cherished than a purchased home. The considerations and challenges we face are similar in many ways to those of a home buyer. We need someone to help us through the entire cycle, as we search, move in, and move on. The next move may be another rental, or it may be a purchase. Either way, it is a very personal and unique experience.

The Dwellings team will help you find a rental home that fits you. We know all our homes and neighborhoods intimately, and wish to get to know you just as well, so that we can not only help you find a home, but enjoy it in safety, health and comfort. Once you’ve moved in, your assigned property manager will stay by your side to:

  • Set up your utilities and help resolve any potential issues
  • Provide regular yard maintenance
  • Arrange cleaning services
  • Deliver 24/7 licensed and bonded maintenance and repair
  • Give advice on settling into your particular neighborhood and all the services available to you
  • Set up easy electronic rent payment
  • Provide advice, guidance and support for your future home purchase
  • Let us join your journey, and help you find your next tree, and the one after that.


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