Alex N. – Rental Owner

“Dwellings property manager has kept being a life saver for me. The great news is that they not only have been great in the past, like a one-time thing, but that they have been great, consistently all this time. There haven’t been any issues with my rental, and they have been on top of any issue or potential issue. I recommend Dwellings Seattle Real Estate & Property Management before, and I keep recommending these guys!”

Henry P. – Rental Owner

“Roland and team have been managing my two unit commercial townhouse property for a year and a half now and have been great! They have handled the HOA and all issues efficiently and professionally.  I continue to recommend dwellings as property managers.”

Brian C. – Rental Owner

“Roland and the entire Dwellings Team have been managing my property for about 18 months now, and I must say I am still extremely pleased with everything.
The entire Team is very responsive and professional. Roland himself is always available and helpful. I’ve had absolutely no problems with Dwellings and they’ve taken care of the property beautifully. They’ve performed the required timely inspections, made some great maintenance suggestions, and their web portal helps me keep track of finances and invoices. Dwellings has recently placed our second tenant and all is going well.   As an out-of-state owner, it continues to provide me with great peace of mind to know that the Dwellings Team is looking after the property. One less thing for me to worry about in this crazy world :)”

Brittany B. – Renter

“My experience in working with Marisa Quinn has been nothing short of amazing.  My boyfriend and I are in the process of relocating to the Seattle area from California, and Marisa has gone above and beyond to accommodate us in viewing an apartment.  She shared in depth videos with us, not only of the apartment, but throughout the property, consistently has a timely response, and has ensured that we are in the know of every step in the process.  She has been with us, step by step, throughout this experience, and we could not be more grateful. So far, our experience has been so positive that I would highly recommend utilizing Marisa as a resource.  I will follow up once we move in and are settled.”

Yair C. – Rental Owner

“I finally found Dwellings after having a bad experience with another property management office, which was not able to find a tenant to my condo in Belltown. Roland the CEO of Dwelling, as well as Marisa and Rebecca, have provided me the best service I could wish for, found a great tenant quickly, and made the entire rental process as easy and quick as I never imagined possible. Highly recommended for everyone who’s renting in Seattle and want to get best value for money!”

Sarah M. – Rental Owner

“After interviewing several local property managers with lackluster results, I was so relieved (and impressed) to find Roland and the Dwellings team. I had come across plenty of decent property management reviews from the owner perspective, but good tenant reviews are much more rare. Dwellings had them. As a former renter, myself, I wanted a company that cares about and attends to their tenants. I couldn’t believe the difference in quality as soon as I began interacting with the Dwellings team. From the experienced and thoughtful advice about how to prepare my home, to the ease of making updates, to the thoroughness of the documentation, to finding the right tenants – Dwellings has simply been outstanding. Roland has developed a methodology that is based on his experience with the market and a deep understanding of what it takes to create long-term benefit and value – both on the owner side as well as on the tenant side. In my experience, this is unusual and exceptional.  I live out of state so most of this was done over phone and email without even a single glitch; plus the Owner Portal facilitates transactions clearly and easily. I have rarely come across such an organized, professional, and conscientious group – the attention to detail and follow-through are truly world class. They have exceeded my expectations in every area, and I can’t recommend Dwellings highly enough. I feel glad and grateful to be working with them. Absolutely FIVE stars – I’d give more if I could.”

Mark K. – Renter

“Roland Gonzalez, the owner of the company, and his entire staff of administrators, property managers, landscapers and technicians are the best of the best in the field.  You will not go wrong renting from Dwellings Seattle.  From the prompt service to the top notch customer service it is second to none in assuring you a great stay in your new home.  Roland’s niche is high end or luxury homes.  He turns down 95% of the landlords that contact him as he only takes the cream of the properties.  Our stay with Roland was very professional, cordial and helpful.  His team ironed out any difficulties that lay in our path.  We highly recommend Dwellings Seattle as your next high end rental source.”

John S. – Renter

“I just wanted to provide an updated review. We recently signed a new Lease for another year working with Charlene at Dwellings Seattle. We have been very pleased with the process which went very smooth with no unnecessary pressure. We have rented from some of the large corporations that manage home rentals and it is a very different process and relationship. We’re so glad to be working with a company like Dwellings Seattle and we highly recommend this company to other potential renters.”

A U. – Rental Owner

“I recently approached Roland about managing my West Seattle home and found him candid, knowledgeable and absolutely laser focused on his particular niche in the property management market. I respected the fact that he is not attempting to take on just any property. Instead, Roland is following a well thought through strategy that uniquely positions him in the property management field and allows him to maximize client returns. Point in fact, my property had been rented for the last 9 or so years, was in pretty rough shape and was absolutely crying out for professional management. Given I live and work overseas, I had only been able to keep up with the basic maintenance leaving the house dated and worn. Roland toured my home and came back with an honest appraisal of the work needed to get my home up to market + rates. Essentially, an investment north of $80k. Rather than being disappointed though, I appreciated his honesty and the time he took to patiently explain his process. During our discussion, it became very clear to me that his approach was vastly different from the other managers I had spoken to. I left his office buzzing.  In the end, I decided to hold off on the investment until next year, but that had more to do with my particular situation than Dwellings. In fact, there is no doubt in my mind that Roland will be my first call when the time comes to rent my home. Full stop. 
If you are considering a property manager, you owe it to yourself to make Dwellings one of your first calls.”

Archana P. – Rental Owner

“Been working with Dwellings for the last couple of months. As impressed I was with Roland during our first meeting, I am a strong believer that a company is only as good as its people. It didn’t take me long to be convinced that Roland’s team is equally capable and professional.  During the initial walk through, Roland had multiple recommendations for prepping the property in such a way that the place can appeal to a broader market. As much as I appreciated the thoughtful and detail oriented suggestions (I would have certainly implemented them if I were staying at this place instead of renting it out), it being a new property, I was more focused on tenant placement first, rather than the extra cosmetic work to be done on the property. And Dwellings team (Marisa, Suzette, Rebecca, Charlene) were more than willing to meet me in the middle ground with not just my decisions but also with my random work schedule. Rebecca went out of her way to coordinate last minute work that needed to be done with the builder and contractors, all the while being absolutely prompt and responsive.  My new tenants have moved in and the whole process has been smooth. And so far, I must say, Dwellings fits my criteria to the T and I will highly recommend folks looking for a property management company to give this team a try!”

Rosa R. – Renter

“Great company with great employees who go out of their way to be the best that they can be to help you with all your needs…”

W J. – Renter

“We recently relocated to Seattle. Frantically looking for a beautiful, clean & modern home. Dwellings in West Seattle hands down helped us out tremendously! The leasing process was a piece of cake and if we need assistance with maintenance they are always there. If you are looking for a home contact Dwellings they will most definitely take care of you!!”

Emma R. – Rental Owner

“We recently decided to list our home for rent as we moved to a new home.  After some research, we quickly realized we needed to work with a property management company that we could trust.  From the very first conversation with had with them, we felt Dwellings was the ideal partner in managing our home.  Here are a few reasons why:

They are not looking to list any home, in any condition.  They want to list great homes which attract quality renters. They understand what an investment this is for us, and they help us make the right choices to maintain our home and keep it in the best possible condition.
They’ve proven to be people who go the extra mile and really invest in our partnership.  They get back to you very quickly with any questions and manage every detail.
They find high quality tenants–fast.  We listed our home the day before Thanksgiving, arguably one of the hardest times to get a renter, and due to the marketing work Dwellings did, we had showings that weekend, and renters moved in only a few weeks later.  

Deciding to work with Dwellings has been one of the best decisions we’ve made.  We did the work to research and meet with several other “top” property management companies in the area, and they are far and away the best.”

Mike P. – Rental Owner

“My wife and I couldn’t be more pleased with our experience working with Dwellings. As we went through our process of interviewing other property management companies, Roland and the team blew out the competition with their thorough assessments, ability to answer all of our questions, and feel comfortable that they truly would care about our home as much (if not more) than we do.  We felt very confident working with Roland and the team, so we took the leap of faith and opted to work with them. After five months, I can easily say this was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Roland recommended some improvements to our home that fit in our budget and got his team on site quickly, understanding that the sooner they were completed, the sooner we could get tenants into our home.  The team did great work on the renovations, and they captured the home beautifully for the marketing materials. The house went up for rent in November, easily the worst time to rent a home in Seattle, but they found a tenant in less than a week – we couldn’t believe it! Long story short, I wish that every service organization I work with in my life matched the level of professionalism from Dwellings. I just wish I had more homes to rent out so I could work with them more!  Do yourself a favor and stop your search and contact Dwellings right now!”

Katie A. – Renter

“We relocated to Seattle from San Diego and were frantically trying to find a place we could call Home. Thanks to the team at Dwellings in West Seattle, they made the entire process so seamless and placed us in a beautiful, clean, modern home. If we ever need anything they are always there! I would highly, “HIGHLY,” recommend Roland and his team.”

Sialofi A. – Renter

“I did a post about them last year and I am still certain that this place is definitely worth looking into! They have an amazing team that will work with you. They have accommodated my family and I since our first day in our home (September 2014) and I couldn’t be more proud of our decision to do business with them. Here we are still doing business and my family and I are more than happy, we are truly blessed! Thank you again Team Dwellings Seattle!!”

Alex N. – Rental Owner

“If you are looking for a property manager and are reading this, stop here and contact Dwelling Property management immediately, to sign up with Roland’s Team, as there is no reason to look any further. I would like to share my recent experience that shows how (fortunately) Roland, Marisa and his team really works. First, I can’t say enough how awesome Roland and his team are. I have been using Dwellings Property Management for almost a year now and could not be happier. I live up in San Diego and my rental property is in Seattle. It is nice to know that I can trust Roland and his team to take care of my property even when I am not physically close. I was referred to Roland and his team from my tax advisor in San Diego, he could not hear any more of my frustration about dealing with my previous nightmare of Property Management and Tenants. My previous property management assigned the wrong renters to my house and didn’t do anything to make sure my property was well taken care of. I didn’t know what was going on in my property, and I didn’t know why there were so many unnecessary and unexplained repairs. Not only did Roland help me to make sure that we were working with the proper renters but also made sure that my property was taken care of. As a landlord, if you want your money in your account monthly and you want your property mgmt. team to mitigate repair cost as much as possible, choose the Roland and Marisa. They will take care of you as if you are their only customers. One of their great services is that, I never waited more than 1hour for a response from either Roland nor Marisa. I have never had other property mgmt that does that! Roland retained and managed multiple contractors (restoration, plumbing, masonry, electrical) around the clock for a few weeks because of the magnitude of diagnosis and repairs due to the damages that the previous tenants/property management created. They had a great team of handymen, gardeners and other contractors that resolved issues quickly and for a reasonable price. All this, while keeping me briefed and putting my property back on the rental market as soon as possible. We were able to get our house rented out quickly thanks to their quick and professional coordination. From photographs, background checks, cleaning services, they will get you what you need within your budget. All of my questions and concerns were/are always answered thoroughly and courteously within a day. Roland and his team were very competent and efficient (and pleasant) and I feel very lucky to have them working on my property.”

Decio S. – Rental Owner

“My experience with Dwellings has been outstanding. I interviewed three companies, with the first two I felt I was just another customer. With Dwellings from the beginning there was personal attention which extends to this day. Roland and his management team were committed to delivering on the expectation that they set for me and they did. My house looks great and it was rented within a few weeks after being placed on the market.”

Rina J. – Rental Owner

“As someone who likes to do everything themselves because it’s the only way I know things will get done the way I like, it was extremely difficult to find a property management company that I could trust to get the job done, and do it well. Dwellings was the only company out of several I met with, that I felt confident in.  Roland, the CEO, met with me personally and did a thorough walkthrough. We discussed all the positives of the property, and what could be done to make it more comfortable and appealing to prospective tenants. Any and all questions or concerns I had were answered promptly and handled. Communication was easy and accessible, which was very important to me, as I wanted to know what was happening at each step. Dwellings is a true one stop shop for rental management. From painting, to light installations, sewer scopes, to landscaping, they pulled from their team of top notch contractors to get my property ready. Even during the slowest possible time of year, I was shocked that they still managed to find tenants in a few short days after going live. I have already recommended Dwellings to family members, and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future.”

Jim R. – Renter

“Very professional property managers, responsive to requests and pleasant to deal with.  We had a good experience.”

Brittany S. – Renter

“Marisa has been awesome! I love how energetic and quick she is! It’s nice to work with someone that is so helpful. We’ve had a great time renting from Dwellings and will continue!”

Andrea P. – Rental Owner

“Dwellings has been a great team to work with. I’ve interviewed and worked with a few other management companies in the past, and they pale in comparison to Dwellings. I communicate primarily with Rebecca and Roland, and I really appreciate their responsiveness and willingness to work with me to make sure my home is well taken care of. I travel quite bit for work and I feel much better knowing that my house is in good hands with the Dwellings team. Thank you!”

Nikki R. – Renter

“About three months ago I started renting a house managed by Dwellings and found the rental process simple, quick and fair. The house had been newly remodeled right before I moved in, so it had a few little things that still needed tending to – window blinds installed, key for the mailbox located. Through that process of settling in Marisa was proactive in communicating status of work to be completed and she was always easy to get a hold of when I had questions. I have really appreciated Dwellings and how easy they have made my transition to a new place!”

Heidi G. – Rental Owner

“Dwellings has managed my townhouse for over three years and initially I was quite impressed with the company.  However, after a year my calls were not returned and my property manager did not show at a scheduled home walk-through. As I live overseas, I was then not able to see my property until a year later, August of 2016.  To say that I was appalled at the condition of the townhouse is an understatement.  I wondered if the property manager had ever been by to check on the unit. I was assured that the tenant would be spoken to concerning cleanliness and strongly encouraged to keep the interior and exterior clean.  At that point, I had decided to terminate my association with Dwellings once my tenant’s contract was complete.
In September 2016 a broken water pipe caused over $40,000 in damage to the unit.  Roland, the new CEO of Dwellings, immediately took charge.  He and his team worked with my insurance company, cleaning companies and contractors to get repairs made in a timely manner.  The Dwellings team made wise choices with regards to materials and fixtures that, when completed, definitely increased the value of the property.  Due to the poor condition of the yard, a landscaper was hired for a complete redesign.  As with all interior repairs, Roland emailed me with the suggested layout and materials. The suggestions I made to the original layout/plan were all taken into consideration; I am so pleased with the final product. To say that I have been impressed with Roland and the Dwellings staff during the past year is a huge understatement.  They surpassed all expectations I had after the lack of contact by my previous Dwellings manager.  I trust the Dwellings team to care of my property; since I live so far from Seattle, it is comforting to know that they have my best interests at heart.  I highly recommend this team.”

Jamie V. – Rental Owner

“I’ve started working with Roland and the Dwellings team this year to manage my condo and everything has gone swimmingly so far! I had met or spoken with a number of management companies before choosing and felt the most comfortable with the Dwellings team.  I met with Roland and Charlene first before meeting with Rebecca. It’s great that you can communicate easily with everyone on the team and not just with your property manager. Fees are definitely fair, not the most expensive, not the cheapest, but the quality of service excels.  I had (and will probably continue to have) so many questions about being a landlord and they have been so accommodating in explaining the process. It’s not easy to entrust your place with another person and I appreciate their rigorous background check for tenants. Looking forward to continuing the relationship with the team!”

Jeremy E. – Rental Owner

“I scoured the internet looking for a property manager that didn’t have the common review of “not being there when needed,” seen on many of the others in town.  True to all the great reviews I had read, the Dwellings Seattle team did not disappoint!  Roland, personally met with us at our property and was honest and candid which we really appreciate.  With his advice and the support of David and Marisa, we were able make beautiful upgrades to our property and to find a tenant within 1 week of being on the market.  The beautiful professional photos were the icing on the cake (example of what sets Dwellings apart) and surely had a lot to do with the quick rental.  I look forward to working with the Dwellings team for years to come.  Thanks guys!”

Larry K. – Rental Owner

“My wife and I recently relocated out of state for work, but wanted to hold on to our home in Seattle. We decided to look for a property manager to handle finding a renter while we were out of town. We found Dwellings and scheduled a time for Roland to visit our home to determine whether it would be a good fit. Roland was very knowledgeable and impressed us with his advice and attention to detail. He quickly made us confident that Dwellings would take great care of our home. He suggested upgrades that would increase the value of our home while making it more appealing to renters. Within a week, we had beautiful hardscaping in our yard, making it more attractive and easier to maintain. Dwellings also found the necessary contractors to make our home move-in ready and coordinated all of the work while we were away. We were very impressed that Dwellings found a quality renter in record time (literally the week after we left!), which is amazing. Highly recommended.”

Kuljit B. – Rental Owner

“We used Dwelling Seattle Read Estate & Property Mgmt to locate renters for our West Seattle condo.  They were able to secure a tenant after doing a thorough background check.   The monthly payments and updates are very well streamlined.  Needless to say that we are very pleased and would recommend them highly.”

Maelissa A. – Renter

“We have had a lot of property managers during our years of renting. The team here is so easy to work with and accommodating. We recently renewed our lease and it was truly an easy experience. Rebecca is always prompt to our requests, answering questions, and honestly has great customer service. We are so happy to rent through you guys! Highly recommended!!”

Liam M. – Rental Owner

“We used Roland and his team to locate renters for our Highland Park/West Seattle home. They enabled us to get the best rent for the market and guided selection of high-yield updates with the best return on investment. They got the work done quickly and placed renters in our home in under a month. We are thrilled!”

Audrey Y. – Rental Owner

“My husband and I have worked with Roland and his team at Dwellings and our experience has been nothing short of stellar. I have to say these guys take customer obsession up to the next level. Dwellings Seattle has gone above and beyond their role as property management company to redesign and prep our properties for rental and give it a much stronger marketing appeal. Despite setbacks and poor commute, these guys persevere, went to the site on multiple occasions to make sure the property is remodeled to their high standard. Throughout the process Roland and Rebecca maintain a friendly and responsive attitude. These days when a highly rated and responsive business on Yelp is almost a logical contradiction, this level of courtesy is almost unheard of. So talk about going above and beyond! These guys blew past all my expectations! We have used them on two occasions. Every time their service has been nothing short of exceptional. They are not the only property management company we have used. We went with Dwellings for our most recent purchase for two simple reasons: value and service. At the end of the day we find that there is just so much value in a property manager that solves and deals with issues proactively, and thinks like an owner. I have heard nothing but praises from our tenants in the properties they manage. So far there has not been an incident where we had to run interference, and do not expect to now or in the future, because I know they look after our best and long term interest.”

Jamie K. – Rental Owner

“We own a condo in West Seattle, and my husband was recently transferred to Sydney, Australia for work. We needed to make sure our West Seattle condo was in good hands (and that we wouldn’t get a call in the middle of the night from our tenants needing something we couldn’t easily obtain!). We chose to go through Roland and his team at Dwellings Seattle Real Estate & Property Management to rent out our condo, first because they were a better price than the other options we were looking at. But once we met them, it was more than that. You will appreciate working with them! Roland is an absolutely phenomenal property manager to work with. He is incredibly communicative and a fast responder. He is extremely knowledgeable. They rented our place out in less than a month (we didn’t even lose a month of mortgage), for a price that we were very happy with. We had some work that needed to be done (painting, carpet cleaning) and they handled all of it. They make it easy to deposit and transfer money, and give you a ledger every month that’s very straightforward and easy to understand. Highly recommend!”

M D. – Renter

“Roland’s team are the best. I have had so many positive experience since Roland handled our account.  When we had a service request, I got a call same day from their guy and there was someone dispatched to look at the unit the In two days. They always send email reminders (make sure you are subscribed to their online portal) about bill payments and for me that is always helpful. They work with our requests same day and they have been nothing but accommodating.  Thank you so much for all you do Roland, Rebecca, Charlene and everyone in the team!”

Michał C. – Rental Owner

“We did our due diligence and had a few management teams present their services, both with great reviews. Roland and his team blew us away, you could tell they were top level professionals. The thing that separated Roland and the previous teams that came to our home were the small details, Roland and Charlene spent well over an hour going through each room, bathroom, closet, etc., and meticulously identifying improvements we could make. It was an easy decision after spending 10 minutes with them, no sales pitch was needed and it was a very natural decision.  We moved out of the country (Kuwait) so trust is numero uno, communication is front and center – we both know that at any point and time we can reach David or Marisa. Before we put the home on the market we had to have a small piece of our roof repaired due to a leak and an electrical issue with the stove – both were done through Dwellings and we couldn’t be happier – more so that anything it didn’t cost us an arm and a leg and done with the utmost skill. We were also surprised with the pricing Dwellings provides – much better than any other we found, absolutely no double dipping. It took about a week or two to find a tenant which also made us happy for obvious reasons. From beginning to end a 10 out of 10 with bonus points – we are extremely happy at the painless experience and highly recommend Dwellings.”

Cassi K. – Rental Owner

Dwellings is an amazing house rental management company.  I have worked with them for over three years, and they have managed renting and maintaining my house for me while I live overseas.  They give me total peace of mind as I know they choose my tenants with care, and they have always been honest and reasonable with me.  In addition, Roland and Dave have been incredibly responsive, even though I have been living in places with a 12-hour time difference.  They routinely answer my emails in the middle of the night.  And they are always pleasant and practical.  They also have been in the property management business a long time and have a wealth of knowledge and contacts.  I recommend them without reservation!

Sarwat R. – Rental Owner

“Dwellings has been such a blessing and a pleasure to work with. Due to some unique circumstances with my husband’s job, we had to move to his new posting within a very tight timeframe. I had interviewed a few property management companies but even in the first interview Roland / Dwellings stood out from their peers. Roland took a genuine interest in the house and in our unique situation and pulled out the stops to make this process easy and seamless for us. The Dwellings team organized the maintenance work to list the house and got it rented within 5 days of listing. They have gone above and beyond every step of the way, with Roland himself negotiating and advising me on lease terms for our new home in another state and reviewing my insurance statements to ensure that we have adequate coverage. They are more than a full-service property management company. They are your property management guardian angels!”

Hannah L. – Renter

“I want to share my huge thank you to the Dwellings team. My family and I experienced some financial difficulties and got off track. Roland, Annette, Rebecca and the rest of the team were there to support us and help us get back on track.  They’re very quick to respond to tenant requests and, if need be, get maintenance to your home quickly. They all communicate so it doesn’t matter who you speak with, each team member knows your situation and the next steps to take.  On top of the outstanding professionalism, they’re just really nice people. Roland, the CEO, personally responds to questions or concerns (even on weekends!), our specific team who manages are house are very knowledgeable and work hard and diligently to get us the answers we need and come up with solutions to problems (we had mold in the windows and while the owners weren’t quite on board with new windows for the home, the Dwellings team found a solution that satisfied everyone).   They advocate for both the tenant and the owner of the property. If you’re looking to rent a home, I HIGHLY recommend Dwellings Seattle. True professionals, kind-hearted and knowledgeable.”

KayeLoni M. – Renter

“I have rented with Dwellings for a few years now. Working with Rebecca has been very pleasant. She is prompt with my concerns and sets up work orders efficiently and always follows up about the progress/completion. I highly recommend renting with Dwellings or letting them manage your property.”

Simi T. – Rental Owner

“I live out of state, and I recently engaged an independent real estate broker to market and manage my rental property in West Seattle.  They were very engaging and compelling at first, and managed to find a good tenant. I was so thankful.  Unfortunately, once the lease was out for singing and funds were exchanged, they completely disappeared.  The future tenant was also out of state and already on her way to their new home.  This was a legal, financial and logistical nightmare.
Strictly by accident, I happened to stumble on someone who actually knew this broker.  Out of no obligation whatsoever and with nothing to gain, Roland, the CEO at Dwellings Seattle, took it on himself to help me investigate this mess and help me with the tenant to straighten this out.  Out of desperation I was ready to fly to Seattle but he calmly reassured me that was not necessary and encouraged me to stay calm and not worry.  He spent countless hours making calls to multiple parties and authorities to help us.   He was not at all interested in winning my business.  He only saw someone in need, and felt he was in the best possible position to help. I was so impressed with him that I wanted him to manage my property, but he felt that he was now personally too close at this point, and insisted on keeping an ethical distance.  I hope that I can convince him to work with us in the future.  The real estate and property management industry is full of shady people and practices.  I highly recommend Roland and Dwellings to anyone looking to work with someone they can fully trust their home and family with.”

Marcie A. – Renter
“I have been renting from Dwellings Seattle since 2014. It was a horrible beginning. Months after, the property management changed.  With the new property management and working with Roland. I have to say, they are amazing people to work with. My family and I had such a rough time this year and we fell behind. Any other property management would’ve had us out of our house. With Dwellings Seattle, they gave us a chance and worked with us and they are the reason we are still in our house today. So this past Thanksgiving, I have to admit that in addition to all the things my family and I are thankful for, I am thankful for Roland and Dwellings Seattle.  If you are ever looking to rent a place, check out Dwellings Seattle. In the future, we are hoping to also work with them on eventually buying a home when the time is right.
They’re awesome and you won’t be disappointed!”

Michael L. – Renter

“Couldn’t be happier with the fantastic service from Dwellings.  They are totally engaged and handles any emergent issues in an expedited fashion reliving the stress and minimizing the inconvenience to effective parties.  Keep up the good work and communication.  Thanks.”

Marnie S. – Renter

“We’ve been renting from Dwellings for 5 years now. We’ve never had any problems with them. They’ve always responded to maintenance requests promptly. They have also always been responsive whenever we’ve had any issues or questions. All in all, Dwellings has been a great place to rent from.”

Sathish C. – Renter

“Dwelling has been amazing, it took barely 3days to finish my paper work to rent an apartment. It all happened electronically and was impressed with their service. Rebecca was very helpful to accommodate my schedule to finalize the apartment with inspection and etc.. I strongly recommend this team.”

Bob C. – Rental Owner

“Dwellings has been managing my property for the last 3.5 years, but this review is largely for their new ownership that took over in March 2016. The new President, Roland, has really turned Dwellings around. I had a several problems with Dwellings in the past, and was actually at the point of changing companies several months ago.  Roland took over the company and has proven to be one of the most responsible and responsive people I’ve ever worked with.  He took ownership of all the outstanding problems, fixed them above-and-beyond expectations, and really went the extra mile to instill confidence in the company. As an example, the previous President of Dwellings did a sub-par job with some repairs to the house, which eventually resulted in some costly necessary repairs. Roland took complete responsibility for the problem and personally handled the repairs, leaving things in even better condition than when the house was new. It would be hard to find any contractor in Seattle that could do better work than Roland’s team. Roland even came over on the weekends to work on the deck himself. Honestly, last year I would not have recommended Dwellings to a friend.  Today I give that recommendation without any hesitation. I will certainly use Dwellings’ services again in the future, whether it be for property management or sales. They are a truly outstanding, local company.”