Brittany B.

“My experience in working with Marisa Quinn has been nothing short of amazing.  My boyfriend and I are in the process of relocating to the Seattle area from California, and Marisa has gone above and beyond to accommodate us in viewing an apartment.  She shared in depth videos with us, not only of the apartment, but throughout the property, consistently has a timely response, and has ensured that we are in the know of every step in the process.  She has been with us, step by step, throughout this experience, and we could not be more grateful. So far, our experience has been so positive that I would highly recommend utilizing Marisa as a resource.  I will follow up once we move in and are settled.”

Mark K.

“Roland Gonzalez, the owner of the company, and his entire staff of administrators, property managers, landscapers and technicians are the best of the best in the field.  You will not go wrong renting from Dwellings Seattle.  From the prompt service to the top notch customer service it is second to none in assuring you a great stay in your new home.  Roland’s niche is high end or luxury homes.  He turns down 95% of the landlords that contact him as he only takes the cream of the properties.  Our stay with Roland was very professional, cordial and helpful.  His team ironed out any difficulties that lay in our path.  We highly recommend Dwellings Seattle as your next high end rental source.”

John S.

“I just wanted to provide an updated review. We recently signed a new Lease for another year working with Charlene at Dwellings Seattle. We have been very pleased with the process which went very smooth with no unnecessary pressure. We have rented from some of the large corporations that manage home rentals and it is a very different process and relationship. We’re so glad to be working with a company like Dwellings Seattle and we highly recommend this company to other potential renters.”

Rosa R.

“Great company with great employees who go out of their way to be the best that they can be to help you with all your needs…”

W J.

“We recently relocated to Seattle. Frantically looking for a beautiful, clean & modern home. Dwellings in West Seattle hands down helped us out tremendously! The leasing process was a piece of cake and if we need assistance with maintenance they are always there. If you are looking for a home contact Dwellings they will most definitely take care of you!!”

Katie A.

“We relocated to Seattle from San Diego and were frantically trying to find a place we could call Home. Thanks to the team at Dwellings in West Seattle, they made the entire process so seamless and placed us in a beautiful, clean, modern home. If we ever need anything they are always there! I would highly, “HIGHLY,” recommend Roland and his team.”

Sialofi A.

“I did a post about them last year and I am still certain that this place is definitely worth looking into! They have an amazing team that will work with you. They have accommodated my family and I since our first day in our home (September 2014) and I couldn’t be more proud of our decision to do business with them. Here we are still doing business and my family and I are more than happy, we are truly blessed! Thank you again Team Dwellings Seattle!!”

Jim R.

“Very professional property managers, responsive to requests and pleasant to deal with.  We had a good experience.”

Brittany S.

“Marisa has been awesome! I love how energetic and quick she is! It’s nice to work with someone that is so helpful. We’ve had a great time renting from Dwellings and will continue!”

Nikki R.

“About three months ago I started renting a house managed by Dwellings and found the rental process simple, quick and fair. The house had been newly remodeled right before I moved in, so it had a few little things that still needed tending to – window blinds installed, key for the mailbox located. Through that process of settling in Marisa was proactive in communicating status of work to be completed and she was always easy to get a hold of when I had questions. I have really appreciated Dwellings and how easy they have made my transition to a new place!”

Maelissa A.

“We have had a lot of property managers during our years of renting. The team here is so easy to work with and accommodating. We recently renewed our lease and it was truly an easy experience. Rebecca is always prompt to our requests, answering questions, and honestly has great customer service. We are so happy to rent through you guys! Highly recommended!!”

M D.

“Roland’s team are the best. I have had so many positive experience since Roland handled our account.  When we had a service request, I got a call same day from their guy and there was someone dispatched to look at the unit the In two days. They always send email reminders (make sure you are subscribed to their online portal) about bill payments and for me that is always helpful. They work with our requests same day and they have been nothing but accommodating. Thank you so much for all you do Roland, Rebecca, Charlene and everyone in the team!”

Hannah L.

“I want to share my huge thank you to the Dwellings team. My family and I experienced some financial difficulties and got off track. Roland, Annette, Rebecca and the rest of the team were there to support us and help us get back on track.  They’re very quick to respond to tenant requests and, if need be, get maintenance to your home quickly. They all communicate so it doesn’t matter who you speak with, each team member knows your situation and the next steps to take.  On top of the outstanding professionalism, they’re just really nice people. Roland, the CEO, personally responds to questions or concerns (even on weekends!), our specific team who manages are house are very knowledgeable and work hard and diligently to get us the answers we need and come up with solutions to problems (we had mold in the windows and while the owners weren’t quite on board with new windows for the home, the Dwellings team found a solution that satisfied everyone).  They advocate for both the tenant and the owner of the property. If you’re looking to rent a home, I HIGHLY recommend Dwellings Seattle. True professionals, kind-hearted and knowledgeable.”

KayeLoni M.

“I have rented with Dwellings for a few years now. Working with Rebecca has been very pleasant. She is prompt with my concerns and sets up work orders efficiently and always follows up about the progress/completion. I highly recommend renting with Dwellings or letting them manage your property.”

Marcie A.

“I have been renting from Dwellings Seattle since 2014. It was a horrible beginning. Months after, the property management changed.  With the new property management and working with Roland. I have to say, they are amazing people to work with. My family and I had such a rough time this year and we fell behind. Any other property management would’ve had us out of our house. With Dwellings Seattle, they gave us a chance and worked with us and they are the reason we are still in our house today. So this past Thanksgiving, I have to admit that in addition to all the things my family and I are thankful for, I am thankful for Roland and Dwellings Seattle.  If you are ever looking to rent a place, check out Dwellings Seattle. In the future, we are hoping to also work with them on eventually buying a home when the time is right.
They’re awesome and you won’t be disappointed!”

Michael L.

“Couldn’t be happier with the fantastic service from Dwellings.  They are totally engaged and handles any emergent issues in an expedited fashion reliving the stress and minimizing the inconvenience to effective parties.  Keep up the good work and communication.  Thanks.”

Marnie S.

“We’ve been renting from Dwellings for 5 years now. We’ve never had any problems with them. They’ve always responded to maintenance requests promptly. They have also always been responsive whenever we’ve had any issues or questions. All in all, Dwellings has been a great place to rent from.”

Sathish C.

“Dwelling has been amazing, it took barely 3days to finish my paper work to rent an apartment. It all happened electronically and was impressed with their service. Rebecca was very helpful to accommodate my schedule to finalize the apartment with inspection and etc.. I strongly recommend this team.”