Victor S. – Seattle, WA
October 30, 2017

“When I moved from the Seattle area a few years ago, I turned to Dwellings to manage the rental of my property there. Since I was going to be too far away to attend to any rental matters personally, I needed an outfit that would take care of the entire process, from finding a tenant to collecting rent, to making sure the house was in order, etc.

As some may know, the risk of renting your house carries with it the possibility of getting a tenant who treats the place poorly or fails to pay the rent. So, I was very pleased when Dwellings found one of the most conscientious persons to rent my house that I’ve ever met. During the subsequent years, my tenant treated the house very well. Dwellings, too, did their part with their periodic inspections, and their quick response when something came up with regard to a maintenance issue.

Earlier this year (2017), I decided to sell the house and I contracted with Dwellings to handle the sale. Much was arranged via Skype and email, and when I returned to Seattle for the final portion of the process, after my tenant had vacated, there was only a little more that needed to be done to get the house ready for market.

David Karthauser was my agent and handled everything smoothly and professionally. Annette Grupido also stepped in at times, and between the two of them the house sold quickly, easily, and at a fair price.

Overall very pleased. Thank you David and Annette. And there is another detail worth mentioning. A small item of sentimental value had gone missing during painting, cleaning etc. I thought it was never to be seen again, but I received a pleasant surprise from David Karthauser a couple of weeks after the sale closed and I had returned home. David had found the item; he subsequently dropped it in the mail. That extra step of David’s really made my day.”

Ashley A. – Seattle, WA
November 18, 2016

“I just sold my condo in West Seattle, and Francisco at Dwellings was my listing agent. I really enjoyed working with him. It was my first time selling a property and he made it really really easy. I had a ton of questions and concerns and he was always very patient in answering all my questions. And he sold my condo very quickly. All in all, he helped make my first home selling experience very comfortable and not as scary as I imagined it would be. I will be calling him for all my real estate endeavors! Thank you, Francisco!”

Jeff H. – Winnipeg, Canada
November 11, 2016

“Annette at Dwellings has been awesome from our initial meeting. I met with her prior to my move out of the country, and she had renters lined up for the week after I vacated my home. She then seamlessly managed the transition of one set of tenants to the next. Living so far away, the peace of mind that she ensured and delivered was phenomenal.

When I decided to sell my property, Annette quickly transitioned my property from a rental to ‘going live’ in a week. This included orchestrating a cleaning crew, maintenance, and landscaping. She managed the real estate side with relentless hours and professionalism and we recently closed on the property. I could not be more pleased with the smooth transition and outstanding service of Annette and Dwellings.”

Bharat R. – San Mateo, CA
October 31, 2016

“We had a great experience with Dwellings Seattle. Dwellings managed our home in Bellevue for about 4 years and they did an excellent job. They were able to find great tenants for our home within 1-2 months. They managed rent, mortgage, landscaping, and tax related documentation very well. Their charges are very reasonable. Since they are local to Seattle, they really know the area and neighborhoods very well. I would highly recommend getting in contact with Dwellings if you want your property to be managed professionally.

We also used Dwellings Seattle to sell our home. They did a great job during negotiation phase. They also handled the rest of the sale process well and professionally. I would recommend considering them if you are interested in selling/buying homes.”

Patrick Z. – San Mateo, CA
August 15, 2016

“David and Annette just sold my rental property which they have helped me manage in the last 3 years. The transaction went seamlessly. They were uber responsive, professional and experienced. I couldn’t have asked for better realtors to represent me.”