Build Your Nest Egg and Realize Your Dreams

man with wallWhether you’re renting out your family home while you’re living overseas, or you’re investing in rental properties as a business, you want to maximize your rental income, while minimizing the costs, risks and daily challenges of managing a property. Dwellings is ready to help you with the entire rental cycle:

  • Evaluating and pricing your property for its particular market and neighborhood
  • Preparing your home to comply with local standards and regulations
  • Identifying and eliminating potential hazards and risks to tenants
  • Making necessary updates to maximize your rent
  • Developing an annual maintenance budget and long-term plan for optimal return
  • Aggressively marketing your property to lease and occupy quickly
  • Screening candidates to protect your assets and ensure an uninterrupted rental stream
  • Scheduling yard and building maintenance to protect your property and tenants
  • Responding 24/7 to service requests and emergencies
  • Processing and managing insurance claims and property restoration
  • Placing your home on a preventive maintenance plan for lowest cost of ownership
  • Conducting semi-annual fully documented inspections with photographs
  • Conducting monthly drive-bys
  • Collecting rents, paying vendor bills and remitting your net income by the 10th of every month
  • Providing monthly on-line performance statements
  • Working with local and state authorities and agencies to comply with ordinances and standards
  • Developing strong relationships with your tenants to ensure your property is cared for
  • Maintaining your anonymity at all times to protect your family and assets
  • Assessing your home and market regularly for rental pricing and potential sale
  • Generating annual statements and 1099s

We typically lease single family properties within the first week of placing them on the market, and occupy them by no later than the first of the month. Our multi-unit buildings typically lease and occupy within the same week. Let us help you get the most out of your home and investments.