Meg and Katie pictureMeg had spent years managing properties and buying and selling homes. The best part of her job was the long term relationships she developed, with owners and tenants alike, founded on trust, knowledge and service.

But working for others, moving onto the next deal, and chasing commissions simply didn’t allow her to spend time doing what she loved most – joining families on their life long journeys of home ownership and growth. And office space for canines being hard to come by, there never seemed to be room for her dog Katie and her toys.

So Meg and Katie struck out on their own and started Dwellings Seattle in their basement in 2010 to join their clients on their journeys, to build their nest eggs and live their dreams. Meg never imagined the rapid success she would have. It was soon time to move out of the basement and set up shop in Dwellings’ new store front.

roland-cropped-1109-for-our-storyAn illness that Meg had long been battling got worse over the last couple of years, as the company continued to grow. Going into 2016, it became clear that new leadership and investments in people and systems were required to step up our services and take the company and our clients to the next level, always staying true to our founding principles.

Having lived overseas and experienced the challenges of managing a home over long distances and across time zones, Roland took the reins to refocus the business and toss old industry paradigms. With an extensive background in service, and reorganizing and improving business operations, he’s already implementing ways to increase return on your property investments and help you live your dreams.